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Biotechnology and nanotechnology, the two key enabling technologies of future economic growth, are the focus of intense research and development throughout Asia, particularly in Japan and Singapore. In both these countries, the forward-looking governments are investing lavishly to ensure that they remain on the cutting edge.

However, the formidable Japanese language barrier and the enormous scope of Japan's R&D program have made it difficult for companies outside Japan to contact the appropriate Japanese executives, research scientists, and academics.

Dedicated to solving this problem, Bionanome is the only company making available Japanese biotech and nanotech mailing and contact lists that have been meticulously collected and verified by professional researchers. They are then formatted in a usable English-language format.

For information regarding a list of Japanese or Singaporean biotechnologists or nanotechnologists, click the appropriate link to the left.

If you are unfamiliar with Japanese-style addresses or telephone numbers, click the appropriate link to the left.

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