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Japanese Phone Numbers

A variety of formats are used for Japanese phone numbers. The first two to four digits are the city code, with a leading zero.


0n-nnnn-nnnn (Tokyo, Osaka)
0nnn-nn-nnnn (Atsugi)
0nn-nnn-nnnn (Kyoto, Tsukuba)

Note that the leading zero is used only when dialing within Japan. When dialing from outside Japan, the country code (81) is dialed (after the code for an international call from your location), but not the leading zero.


03-9999-9999 (within Japan)
+81-3-9999-9999 (outside Japan)
011-81-3-9999-9999 (from USA)
001-81-3-9999-9999 (from UK)

All records in this database with phone numbers therefore show the number as starting (0), but do not show the 81 country code.

Japan Post, the Japanese postal service, accepts letters with English-language, Western-format addresses. Based on this format, Bionanome's format contains as many as seven lines, semi-colon delimited, each of which may contain up to 40+ characters, including spaces.

Therefore, Bionanome recommends a 10-point font and the Avery 5162 (or compatible) label, which measures 1.33" (H) x 4" (W). The metric equivalent is the Avery L7162, which measures, in mm, 33.9 (H) x 99.1 (W).

Bionanome Record Format (records with email and phone numbers):

[given name] [surname], [title]
[address 1]
[address 2 (if necessary)]
[city], [prefecture]
[zip] [country]

[e-mail address, if avail]
[phone number, if avail]


Takeshi MATSUDA, Professor
Japan University
Dept of Nanotechnology
Central 4, 1-1-1, Higashi
Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Pref
305-8562 JAPAN
(0) 3-9876-5678

Bionanome Format Notes:

The Japanese prefecture (abbreviated Pref) is equivalent to the U.S. state or the Canadian province.

Japanese addresses frequently contain one or more field-delimiting commas on the same line. For this reason, Bionanome's text files use the semicolon (;) as the field delimiter in each record.

Japanese cities usually are not laid out in a rectilinear grid, so the addressing system differs from those familiar to Westerners. This is complicated by the facts that only main streets have names and buildings are numbered chronologically rather than sequentially.

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